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Doilies, bookmarks, sachets and more.

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Individual Simply Thread Patterns
Candlelight Doily $1.00 V-Stitch & Shell Doily $1.00
Gossamer Doily $1.00 Basket Doily $1.00
Grandmother's Lace Doily $1.00 Crown Doily $1.00
Graduated Shells Doily $1.00 Placemat Set $1.00
Hearts and Fans Doily $1.00 4 Candles $1.00
Pineapple Snowflake Doily $1.00 3 Hanger Covers & Sachets $1.00
Pineapples and Fans Doily $1.00 8 Bookmarks $1.00
Posh Pineapple Doily $1.00 3 Sachets $1.00
Pitcher Doily & Coaster $1.00 Pineapple Lampshade & Motif $1.00
Teardrop Doily $1.00 Towel Trim & Coaster $1.00
Select a pattern and click "Select & Add to Cart"
Select a pattern and click "Select & Add to Cart"


7 Christmas Ball Covers $2.00
3 Angels $3.00
6 Sock Trims $1.00
Tank Trim $1.00
Pumpkin Charm $1.00
Summer Jewelry $1.00
3 Scrunchies $1.00
4 Snowflakes $2.00
Pineapple Bath Set $2.00
Select a pattern and click "Select & Add to Cart"



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